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Ama Batterycc also offer ultra low maintenance Taurus Batteries which requires minimal addition of distilled or approved water during normal use. In addition to the ultra low maintenance Taurus Batteries, WE NOW SELL MAINTENANCE FREE TAURUS BATTERIES!

Because our quality control standards are high, we select only the highest caliber batteries. Our goal is always to deliver friendly service and the best quality battery at the most competative price.

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Low maintenance batteries

Hybrid ultra low maintenance batteries have the advantage over fully sealed products that topping up can be carried out if the battery loses water for whatever reason. The electrolyte levels should be checked every few months and corrected to the level indicated or 10 to 15mm above the plates which are visible through the vents. Generally topping up is only needed two or three times during the life of the battery. Overfilling will cause the battery to overflow acid, consequently losing capacity and causing a corrosion mess. Use distilled or deionised water for topping up. Other than this the battery requires minimal amount of care in order to maximize its life. They do however still need proper installation in Order to extend their Service time.Click to enlarge image...

Maintenance Free batteries

A maintenance-free battery, similar in design to a conventional automotive battery, is really just a heavier-duty version of the same arrangement. Many of the components have thicker construction, and different, more durable materials are typically used. For example, the plate grids often contain calcium, cadmium or strontium, to reduce gassing (which causes water loss) and self-discharge. This design is called a lead-calcium battery. The heavier-duty parts ensure that fluid loss is kept to a minimum and that components have a much longer life, making it a closed system.

Installation guide

  1. Before removing the battery, note which terminal (+) or (-) is connected to the grounded cable. The grounded cable is connected to the main engine.
  2. Disconnect the grounded cable first to prevent sparks caused by short circuiting. Disconnect the other cable from terminal post and then remove the battery hold downs.
  3. Inspect the battery tray, hold downs, clamps and items which have been damaged by excessive corrosion. Use a wire brush to

clean corrosion product from the battery tray and clamps.

  1. Rinse all corrosion products from the tray, hold downs and cables. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  2. Before installing, check the battery for a full state of charge with a hydrometer or battery tester. If specific gravity readings are low the battery should be charged before installing. During winter a full state of charge is critical before the battery is installed to ensure maximum starting power and protection against freezing of the electrolyte.
  3. Using a post and clamp cleaner, clean both battery terminals and inside both cable clamps until they are bright and shiny. The cleaning ensures good electrical contact.
  1. Carefully place the new battery in the tray making certain that the correct (+) or (-) terminal is in the proper position relative to the grounded cable. This procedure ensures correct polarity. Put the battery hold downs in place but do not tighten them at this point.
  1. Connect the ungrounded cable first (the reverse procedure when removing the  battery), then connect the grounded cable. Make sure that both cable connections to the terminals are tight. Coat the terminals and cable clamps with petroleum jelly.
  2. Tighten the hold down nuts, taking care not  to over tighten them.
  3. Installation is complete. To ensure that the battery has been correctly installed turn the ignition key on. If the battery is properly installed the alternator light will be on or the ammeter will show discharge.

Warning: Short circuit may melt the poles or in the worst case, cause fire.


Battery usage and maintenance guide

  1. In order to keep the battery in good working order it has to be kept fully charged by the vehicle's alternator. It may also be necessary from time to time to charge the battery outside the vehicle when it has become discharged due to a faulty alternator or vehicle charging system.
  1. A charging rate of 10% of the battery capacity in amps will be sufficient for this purpose e.g. an 80 Ah battery would require an 8 amp charge.
  2. A battery should never be stored in a discharged condition as this can lead to permanent sulphating.
  3. Ultra low maintenance batteries require very little topping up however if topping up is required more frequently than normal, overcharging may be indicated and should be investigated.
  4. The charge rate in most vehicles is between 13.8v and 14.2V and should only be tested with a fully charged battery in the vehicle.
  5. The battery should be kept clean and dry at all times and evidence of acid is generally due to the overfilling of the battery or possibly a damaged casing and should be investigated and remedied at once.
  6. All terminals and cable connections should be kept clean and petroleum jelly applied around the visible metal terminal area to prevent oxidation and a build up of corrosion. Dirty terminals and poor earth connections can cause similar symptoms to those presented by a discharged or faulty battery. Broken or frayed cables can be extremely hazardous. Replace any cables that look suspicious.

Guide to battery health and safety


  • Before using conductive tools on a battery, remove metallic personal adornments from the hands and wrists i.e. watches and rings.
  • Before working on a vehicle's electrical system disconnect the battery where there is a risk of accidental short circuit.
  • Always disconnect the earth terminal first and connect it last.
  • Do not place tools or conductive objects on top of the battery.
  • Before using a charger consult the manufacture’s literature.
  • Remember to switch off a charger before disconnecting a battery.
  • Always use eye protection and protective clothing where there is any risk of splashing.
  • Charge the battery in a well ventilated area.
  • Avoid sources of ignition close to the battery particularly no Smoking or naked flames.
  • Always keep batteries away from children.
  • Any acid contact with skin or eye should be washed immediately with clean water for at least 10 minutes and if soreness or irritation persists seek medical advice.
  • If the vehicle is in storage or infrequently used, disconnect the battery cable/terminal to eliminate drain of power and charge fortnightly.
  • If the vehicle is in extended storage, remove the battery from the vehicle and charge it every month.


Taurus batteries are guaranteed against failure through factory faul and/or materials for a period of twelve months. The battery will be repaired “free of charge" if it becomes defective within twelve months from date of sale. The guarantee does not cover neglect, abuse, overcharging or undercharging due to a faulty electrical system, nor installation of a battery below the capacity specified by the vehicle manufacturer as original equipment. The use of battery dopers renders the guarantee null and void. The manufacturer will not be responsible for any consequential damage caused directly or indirectly by any possible failure or defect of the battery.

Disposal of Taurus batteries

When returning your old battery, find a place that will reuse or dispose of it in the most environmentally safe way. A Taurus battery distributor makes disposal and recycling of your old battery convenient and will be pleased to assist you in this way.

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